By James Hibberd
Updated June 07, 2013 at 07:02 PM EDT
Siberia 02

NBC’s summer series Siberia has found a way to solve the problem of “found footage” projects. You know how when you’re watching a Paranormal Activity movie, or Cloverfield or Chronicle, where the actors are filming themselves, and at some point once the action and terror kicks in, you say to yourself: Nobody would ever keep shooting in this situation!

Siberia is drama series about a (fictional) reality TV show where 16 contestants plopped into the remote Siberian territory of Tunguska. Then really bad things start to happen. Pretty much the only people who would keep a camera steadily rolling while fighting for their lives are news crews and veteran documentary and reality TV teams, so this set-up works. Hopefully the show can also ditch the usual “I’m not sure how to work the camera” shakiness that accompanies the first act of found-footage projects (ABC’s The River had a somewhat similar set-up, but the cast only included a couple cameramen so you still often still found yourself wondering “Who’s shooting this?”).

Anyway: The Siberia tagline is “Get Lost In Reality” so NBC isn’t shying away from the intrigue of its Lost-meets-Survivor premise (complete with a Curtis Stone-ian host). Check out the trailer below. The show premieres Monday, July 1.