Leonardo DiCaprio’s next leading role may be Grigori Rasputin, the famed Russian mystic who was an advisor for the Russian Imperial family before he was brutally murdered. But we shouldn’t expect it to be anything like the last time we saw the historical figure on film — as the Christopher Lloyd-voiced animated villain in Anastasia.

The role would be for a film called, fittingly, Rasputin that is being developed with DiCaprio attached to star. Warner Bros. bought the pitch for the project that comes from Jason Hall, screenwriter of upcoming Bradley Cooper movie American Sniper. Deadline first reported the news.

DiCaprio reportedly became interested in the project because Hall uncovered some history about the controversial mystic. The three-time Oscar nominee also was drawn to idea of playing a man “who lost the better part of himself when his brother died, and was capable of kindness but also a ruthlessness,” Deadline reports.

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