By Hillary Busis
June 07, 2013 at 01:55 PM EDT
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Fake news fans, get ready for a British invasion.

Traveling to the Middle East to film a movie based on BBC journalist Maziar Bahari’s book Then They Came for Me: 118 Days in Iran’s Most Notorious Prison probably isn’t the best way to beat the heat this summer. Even so, that’s what Jon Stewart is planning to do for the next 12 weeks — and while he’s off directing his first feature, Daily Show correspondent John Oliver will be stepping in to play anchor on Stewart’s Comedy Central series for eight of those weeks. (During the other four, Comedy Central will air reruns.)

Though Oliver has reason to be nervous — he told EW that he hasn’t had any time to practice his host persona in demo shows — you’d never guess it from last night’s final tag, in which the Brit crashed Stewart’s very last Moment of Zen. Something tells me an Oliver-led Daily Show is going to be a little zanier than usual:

Disappointed that Oliver’s invasion robbed us of a big goodbye speech from Stewart? Don’t be — before those final hijinks, the once and future Daily Show host did, in fact, get a chance to say a heartfelt goodbye to his crew and his audience.

Oliver’s two-month tenure as The Daily Show‘s host begins Monday, June 10.

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