Playing father and daughter in White House Down has clearly led to an off-screen bond between Channing Tatum and Joey King. The adorable duo even had time to come up with a seriously elaborate secret handshake.

Sony gave EW a front-row seat to the choreographed routine, which includes fake punches, a baseball pitch and even sound effects. Everybody knows that Tatum has moves, but King gives him a run for his money in the swagger department. Check out the cute on-set moment here:

White House Down stars Tatum as John Cale, a Capitol policeman trying to become a Secret Service agent to impress his daughter (King). Following his big interview, Cale gets a chance to prove his salt as the White House is attacked and he rushes to protect the president (Jamie Foxx). Despite the intense nature of the Roland Emmerich film – in which King is taken hostage and Tatum brandishes a whole lot of weapons – there were clearly plenty of laughs on set between the 33-year-old star and his 13-year-old on-screen daughter.

White House Down opens June 28. Watch the trailer here.

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