Last week, noted neologist Samuel L. Jackson waded into Reddit’s murky waters and pledged to recite any 300-word monologue of the Internet’s choosing, all in the name of charity. Though the resulting thread was kind of a mess — thanks largely to 4chan trolls — he emerged Friday with the winning monologue: an original composition that had Jackson promise to give up acting for a life of crime-fighting.

But thankfully, the fun didn’t stop there. Partway through the contest, Jackson interjected and told users that if their donations to the Alzheimer’s Association broke $100,000, he’d record another monologue of his choosing. Reddit’s users came through — and yesterday, Jackson made good, posting his own take on one of Breaking Bad‘s most memorable moments. Turns out he‘s the one who knocks:

If only he’d done the whole thing in a pork pie hat — and ended it by shouting, “Heisenberg, mothaf—er!”

Here’s the original scene:

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