Credit: Nickelodeon

Remember your childhood plans to live in Bikini Bottom and just hang out at the Krusty Krab all day?

SpongeBob Moves In is a city-building app that attempts to make those old dreams of living in a pineapple under the sea more of a reality by allowing players to build their very own Bikini Bottom. The best part? The game will allow players to unlock background stories on all the characters — so it’s your lucky day if you ever wanted to learn all about Sandy’s pre-ocean life. The app also contains a bunch of random short videos featuring Squidward, Patrick, and all the rest.

While learning more about Plankton, users also have to strive to keep the residents happy by fulfilling wishes and racking up “Jellyfish Jelly.” To keep spirits up, it might be time to break out some Slimy Dancing à la SpongeBob.

The app launches on Thurs., June 6. Check out the trailer for the app below, and a look at your favorite yellow sponge arriving in Bikini Bottom:

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