Note to Bruce Jenner: Repeatedly insisting what a good sport you are isn’t, in fact, the most effective way to convey that you’re a good sport.

Jenner was Jimmy Fallon’s guest on Late Night yesterday — a move that may surprise anyone familiar with what happened between the two at last year’s Olympic Games. (The short version: Fallon made a few jokes about Jenner’s plastic surgery during an event; later, they ran into each other, and Jenner angrily asked Fallon to “stop saying sh– about my face.”)

The interview got off to a bad start when Jenner cheerily noted that Fallon had never sent him an apology — and things just got more uncomfortable from there. The reality star — and one-time World’s Greatest Athlete — unconvincingly declared that, as a member of “the Kardashian group,” he’s basically immune to mockery, proclaimed that he’s never been shy about having work done — “I had it done on camera in our show!” — and, in an admittedly funny bit, whipped out a few dorky pictures of Fallon as payback.

All of which would have been totally fine — late-night comedy gold, even — if Jenner hadn’t sounded so genuinely hostile, or if he had actually seemed willing to let bygones be bygones. Instead, he lobbed weird insults barely cloaked as jokes (“I guarantee, Mr. Fallon, that my ass in a good pair of running shorts look a hell of a lot better than your ass”) and barely let the comedian get a word in edgewise… For eight. Solid. Minutes. Fallon deserves a lot of credit for playing along as well as he did and only shooting a handful of “is this guy for real right now?” looks to the camera.

At the end of the interview, Jenner claimed he’s actually fine with plastic surgery jokes as long as they’re on Late Night — but that once Fallon moves to host The Tonight Show, he has to cut them out. Sounds like a fine solution — as long as Fallon has free reign to make “Bruce Jenner is nuts” jokes whenever he feels like it.

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