In his capacity as director/producer/hype-man for the X-Men franchise, Bryan Singer continues to tweet regular updates from the set of Days of Future Past, next year’s franchise-mashing prequel-sequel which features the cast of First Class alongside the cast of the original X trilogy in what promises to be the most X-Men-y X-Men movie since that Bruce Willis X-Men movie we made up. First up is a shot from inside the Oval Office. If you look closely, you can spot President Nixon, who had the incredible mutant power of Erasing Tapes.

But that’s not all! Singer just tweeted another picture which indicates that Future Past will take a detour into Vietnam. Presumably, in the movie X-verse, the Vietnam War was actually caused by mutants. Actually, maybe the mutants caused Watergate, too? Paging Oliver Stone! Nixon needs a new director’s cut!

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