Remember a few weeks ago when Diddy announced he was joining the cast of Downton Abbey and everyone said, ‘No way!’ and then it kind of happened, albeit via a Funny or Die video? Well, now the Rolling Stones are rumored to be possibly dropping by Downton next season. U.K. paper The Mirror reports Hugh Bonneville is friends with Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood and is trying to get the group to film an appearance. “Obviously they wouldn’t play themselves, but they could be a rag-tag bunch of traveling entertainers or even a circus act. It would be such a coup, and fun for the Stones. They really are huge fans of the show,” an anonymous source told the paper.

BOOM! There are so many things to unpack here. Cousin Robert parties with Ronnie? The Stones really watch Downton? Did Mick Jagger cry over Matthew’s death? A rep for the show didn’t immediately respond to EW’s request for confirmation that the Rolling Stones may actually, in real life, be filming a guest spot on Downton. [UPDATE: A rep for the show tells EW it’s not true.] But, for fun, let’s assume this is totally happening. Below, what we’re hoping to see if Mick Jagger and Co. swing by the estate next season.

1.) We already know Carson used to be in a stage show. Like our anonymous tipster friend suggests, perhaps the Stones can be old pals of the butler who show up looking for work. Carson naturally feels scandalized, but once upon a time Keith Richards’ character helped him out of a jam, so now Carson is hiding the Stones out in the woodshed. Hilarity ensues.

2.) Cousin Rose enjoys a club or two — and that would be the perfect entrance for the Stones. They could be sleazy promoters at an up-and-coming jazz club Rose frequents. This would allow the Stones to display their musical talents, as well. Imagine the viewer screams if “Start Me Up” gets a roaring 1920s jazz twist.

3.) Thomas — after his issues with James at the end of last season — starts looking outside the estate for satisfaction where he comes upon an old man in town (Ronnie Wood) who gives him some love advice. This would hopefully set up a season 4 that is a bit kinder to Thomas, despite O’Brien’s best efforts.

4.) I have just one sentence for you: Robert’s old school mates are in town…and they’ve changed. Cora can register some disapproval.

5.) Mick Jagger can play Edith’s boyfriend — we already know she has a thing for much older men and it would be nice for the show’s resident punching bag to get the last laugh. How would Mary possibly one-up a Stone?

And, this is so obvious it almost goes without saying, but whatever character Mick Jagger is playing needs to have a showdown with the Dowager: “What is a rock-band?”

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