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Updated June 04, 2013 at 07:30 AM EDT
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SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read on unless you want to know what happened in tonight’s Revolution season 1 finale.

Folks, the power is back! That is, electrical power. Monroe’s political and military power, however, is gone — and it’s not because he’s lost the upper hand he had with the pendants. Tom Neville has gone through with his coup, which produced this delicious moment:

“Sir,” Neville says smugly but evenly to Monroe, tied to a post, “I could never say this under your employ, but you have become foolish and deranged, and you have a borderline neurotic fixation on Miles Matheson.”

That fixation, though, may be the one scrap of sanity Monroe has left: He confesses to Miles that he never cared about the Republic — the only thing he ever cared about was watching Miles’ back. This brother-like love has certainly gone in some very misguided directions, and there’s a part of me that still wants to see Monroe pay, really pay for all the terror he’s caused and blood he’s spilled, but I can also definitely see him becoming part of the gang with Charlie, Rachel, Aaron, and Miles. There will be high tensions for sure (this still means throwing Danny’s murderer in with vengeful Rachel), and a lot of slow patching up between Monroe and Miles (who no longer is so intent on killing the man). But it would be fascinating seeing Monroe forced to work together with these guys. If the writers could figure out a way to get Miles and Tom Neville to reluctantly team up, they can find a way to throw Monroe in with this lot.

As for the power coming back on, I see it as a lot like the end of Once Upon a Time‘s first season. The curse was (mostly) lifted from Storybrooke, also lifting a whole premise of the show, and solving a central problem far earlier than most people expected. Now Revolution‘s central conceit — the whole world is without electrical power — has been reversed. How will this change the world of the show? Well, the world’s not going to just go back to normal — all types of infrastructures that have crumbled since the Blackout can’t get fixed with the flip of a switch. And how will this change the story of the show, our character’s missions? We’ve already seen the show make a smooth shift from “let’s save Danny” to “let’s turn the power back on,” so there should be another quest around the corner. Just please don’t get rid of the sword fights, Revolution.

What did you think of this cliffhanger-tastic finale, Revolutionaries? How did you feel about Nora’s death and how okay she was with things between Miles and Rachel? And what about Randall’s death? How about that reveal of what MIT did with Aaron’s code? Supernatural devotees, what did you think of the Revolution version of “The Road so Far”? How did you like seeing another episode title inspired by Stephen King? Can Philadelphia and Atlanta be saved? What’s up with this mysterious president and the U.S. Colony in Guantanamo Bay? And what would you like to see in Revolution‘s sophomore season?

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