I hope all of you are about to read this for the right reasons. I also hope that this week none of you decided to take a shot every time you heard that phrase, because if you did, you are not going to have a good Tuesday or probably Wednesday either.

Before I dive into this hip-hop episode I want to answer a couple questions I got from your comments. Somebody asked how the guys spend their days when they’re not with Des on dates. Well, they do what they want around the house — hang out by the pool, work out, sleep or all of the above. Another question was about whether the guys or the girls are cleaner as a group. This is tough because it really depends on the season, but overall it’s surprising to note that the men are cleaner. Maybe it’s not as much of a surprise because the women pack much more stuff, and don’t get me started on the state of the bathroom when the ladies are in the house. There are times when the guys aren’t much better, but ladies you win this battle — or lose it actually.

The first date this season was a one-on-one with Brooks. This may have been the coolest first date we have ever had on this show. After what could have been an awkward stop at the bridal shop (what first date doesn’t start there?), Brooks and Des got to experience something few people ever will: Sitting on the actual Hollywood sign and enjoying a picnic. We were very thankful to get the opportunity to use that location. I have to give major props to our crew for setting up the bridge experience for them as well. And to top it all off, the talented Andy Grammer was there to put on a private show. As incredible as this date was, I honestly think these two could have gone and done anything and had an amazing time. They hit it off immediately. You can clearly see that Des and Brooks have a serious physical and emotional attraction — the big question now is will Brooks suffer the first date curse? Having that first date is great but now he has to sit back and watch all the other guys get their turn to date her and come home talking about their connection. He will have to stay strong to avoid falling victim to the curse.

The group date took place in one of my favorite locations here in Los Angeles and it happens to be less than a mile from the Bachelor mansion, Malibu Rocky Oaks Winery. This house, or castle, is one of the most beautiful in all of LA and it provided the perfect backdrop for our hip-hop video “Right Reasons.” (Watch the full video here.) I want to personally thank Soulja Boy for being such an amazing sport. I also want to personally apologize for subjecting him to such pitiful hip-hop skills. Seriously though, he was incredible to work with and hang out with all day. He really seemed to enjoy the idea and dove right in making everybody comfortable. There are few things that stood out to me on this date besides our horrible hip-hop skills. I said last week Zak W. would redeem himself and you can already see why. He’s much more than the dude who showed up with no shirt on. Brandon really opened up to Des in a major way, but it was a lot to take in. Too much, too soon? You also got to see that the loveable dad, Ben, is starting to rub the guys the wrong way.

A quick note on Bryden and his one-on-one date with Des: The date was great and very easy. Des puts everybody at ease. She’s very easy to sit and converse with, and there’s something about her that makes these guys feel comfortable about opening up and getting personal. That’s a great quality in a woman and these guys love it. What really impressed me about Des on this date is how she handled the awkwardness. Bryden obviously wanted to kiss her, but he either was too nervous or he couldn’t read the signs. Either way, Des took the situation into her own hands and said, “Just kiss me already!” I loved how she took what could have been an awkward moment and made it easy and fun. She took all the pressure off the guy and put it on herself — that was a classy move.

As you can see the guys are really starting to fall for Des and the competition has begun. Ben has started getting under people’s skin and he almost seems to relish it, like it’s a game to him. This will continue in the weeks to come. You may have also noticed that I brought a guest into the house. To borrow a phrase from this week, somebody is not here for the right reasons — and boy do we have proof! It’s not a pretty scene, but it’s one that you must see because I promise you everybody will be talking about it next week. I warn you to buckle up because these first two episodes were child’s play compared to what’s to come. From here on out, it’s a ride unlike any of us have ever been on. The one thing I can promise you is that each and every week, not only am I here for you, but I’m here for the right reasons! Talk to me at @chrisbharrison.

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