By Clark Collis
Updated June 04, 2013 at 05:00 PM EDT

Saul Goodman has a new gig! Bob Odenkirk, who plays Walter White’s morally dubious lawyer on AMC’s Breaking Bad, is set to write and star in a comedy called Girlfriend’s Day. Odenkirk will play a greeting card writer who gets entangled in a web of murder and deceit as he and his fellow scribes try to create the perfect card for the new, titular, holiday.

Girlfriend’s Day will be the narrative feature debut of filmmaker Michael Paul Stephenson who previously directed the documentaries Best Worst Movie, which detailed the cult surrounding the Stephenson-starring Troll 2, and last year’s American Scream, about Halloween obsessives.

Girlfriend’s Day is an offbeat comedy, but the characters are full of heart, searching for love and connection,” said Odenkirk in a statement. “Michael’s documentaries feature the same kind of likeably offbeat characters, and I can’t wait to make this film.” In addition to Breaking Bad, Odenkirk’s acting credits include Alexander Payne’s forthcoming Nebraska, a recurring role on The Larry Sanders Show (as Larry’s, uh, morally dubious agent), and, of course, Mr. Show, the groundbreaking ’90s sketch series Odenkirk created with David Cross.

Girlfriend’s Day will be shot in Los Angeles. Stephenson is eyeing a fall start date.

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