Glee star Matthew Morrison went back to his Broadway roots for his new album, Where It All Began, and recorded with a 60-piece orchestra in the studio. So it only makes sense that he’s celebrating its release with a concert special, taped late last year, debuting June 1 on PBS (check local listings). “These are classic, well-worn songs that have been sung by the best vocalists we’ve ever had — Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis. What you try to do to reinvent them is take the bones of the song and weave your own framework around them. In my case, I’m a dancer as well,” he says. “I did a version of ‘On the Street Where You Live,’ which is typically a ballad, and I made it more of a swing beat. It’s got this really hard dance break. Obviously, you’re not gonna see the dance when you buy the album, but when I come out of the break [live], I’m kinda huffing and puffing and trying to finish out the song. But it’s exhilarating for me. I actually love performing that way.”

Below, Morrison takes the EW Pop Culture Personality Test and reveals when he yells at the TV, the movie he watches every time he spots it on cable, the film he’s seen the most times in theaters, his most prized pop culture possession, something from his childhood he wishes he still had, and the recipient of the only fan letter he’s ever written.

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