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It’s the age-old reality TV debate: Where can the best TV game strategists be found — on Survivor or Big Brother? Well, that question may finally be answered on the new Reality Gamemasters web series. Debuting June 4 on, Reality Gamemasters (which was funded through Kickstarter) pits three Survivor finalists (winners John Cochran from Caramoan and Sophie Clarke from South Pacific, as well as Tocantins runner-up Stephen Fishbach) against three Big Brother schemers (last season’s winner Ian Terry as well as former “America’s Player” Eric Stein and “Brigade” member Matt Hoffman). But the battlefield this time is not an island or camera heavy house and hot tub, but rather the ultimate strategy board game — Risk.

The concept comes from the team of former Survivor/current podcaster extraordinaire Rob Cesternino and Alex Forstenhausler (who directed the series). “Survivor and Big Brother are the two most iconic strategy-based reality shows of all time,” says Cesternino when describing the genesis of the idea. “And tensions are at an all-time high. Since Risk involves strategic thinking, alliance building, and potentially some good old fashioned backstabbing, we thought it was the perfect way to watch this feud play out.” Cesternino will handle the play-by-play duties on all the action (with color commentary provided by yours truly in a somewhat horrific shirt), while two-time Survivor Andrea Boehlke will offer boardside reports and interviews. (Former Survivor Billy Garcia will also play an important — and mysterious — role.)

Cesternino also offers some teases as for which players viewers might find themselves rooting for and against. “Cochran and Ian Terry are both likable underdogs who were the most recent winners of their respective shows,” he says. “I think they’ll both have a lot of support. Sophie is the only woman in the cast and I think a lot of people will want to see her stick it to these guys. Eric Stein was the lovable ‘America’s Player’ on Big Brother 8 but I believe he’s moved on from just America and has set his sights on ruling the world as an evil dictator.”

The series will air six installments — twice a week beginning on June 4, and Cesternino promises the players will be out for nerd blood: “The stakes are huge any time the Risk board comes out — you’re playing for total global domination. More importantly, the title of the greatest strategist in reality TV hangs in the balance, so this might get ugly quicker than a Twitter feud with Amanda Bynes.” To check out an exclusive preview for Reality Gamemasters, just click on the video player below. And for more reality nonsense, follow Dalton on Twitter @DaltonRoss.

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