By Amanda Taylor
Updated May 30, 2013 at 12:00 PM EDT
Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Actor and comedian Jim Carrey has found a publisher and distributor for his children’s book, How Roland Rolls.

Perseus Books will be printing the story, about an ocean wave who is afraid of crashing into the shore, but when he retreats farther into the ocean he discovers his place in the world. On the book’s website, Carrey details his reasons for writing for the book.

“I wrote How Roland Rolls specifically as a way for parents and grandparents to engage with the children in quality together-time. Not only will the message of the story help them feel connected, worthwhile, and a part of something vast and grand … the very act of adults spending time simply to be with them, and only with them, will pay off in an experience of fulfillment that’s truly beyond compare.”

He also tweeted about the upcoming release:

Carrey, who has one daughter and recently became a grandpa, was an ideal candidate for publishing house Perseus Books. Sabrina McCarthy, president of Perseus Distribution Client Servies said in a statement that he was the perfect person to write a children’s book.

“He is such a vibrant, dynamic actor who brings amazingly vivid characters to life, and I think children will respond to the energy and enthusiasm he has brought to ‘How Roland Rolls.'”

The book is illustrated by Rob Nason, who has worked on animated children’s films like Anastasia and Thumbelina.