The Fosters Clip

Jennifer Lopez says that her new ABC Family drama “takes chances.” What kind of chances? She explains: “It’s about a biracial, lesbian couple who have biological and adopted children, all living together as a family.” (That would be why the anti-gay group One Million Moms decided to preemptively boycott the show last fall.)

The series — executive produced by Lopez — sounds sort of like a new twist on ABC’s own Modern Family… which means that naturally, the clan’s family tree is just a little tangled. Find out who’s who by watching this exclusive featurette — and don’t fret about things getting too complicated. “There’s something that every family can take out of this show and say, ‘That’s exactly what happens at my breakfast table,’ or, ‘I can’t believe she said that! That’s exactly how I say things to my son.’ It’s very relatable that way,” series star Sherri Saum promises.

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The Fosters
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