Son of Poseidon Percy Jackson and his rag-tag team of fellow half-bloods are back this summer in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. The second trailer for the movie hit the web on Wednesday.

In Sea of Monsters, a sequel to 2010’s Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, Percy (Logan Lerman) and his friends are on a quest to the Sea of Monsters (a.k.a. the Bermuda Triangle) in search of the legendary Golden Fleece, which will save their training ground, Camp Half-Blood, which is under attack.

This newest trailer features a lot of the moments seen in the first preview, but there is some new footage of a battle with monsters in an amusement park and of trouble-making Luke (Jake Abel) and his father Hermes, played by Nathan Fillion. Check it out below:

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters also stars Stanley Tucci as Dionysus, Anthony Stewart Head as the centaur Chiron, and Sean Bean as Zeus.

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