By Kyle Anderson
Updated May 29, 2013 at 03:09 PM EDT

Last night, Ke$ha went on MTV to pull back the curtain on “Crazy Kids,” a single that may or may not end up being the official song of summer 2013.

The narrative of “Crazy Kids” is pretty straightforward — Ke$ha Goes to a House Party — but the devil is in the details. As Stefon would say, this clip has everything: Gold-flaked cornrows; adorable pitbulls; a rapping digital projected onto the helmet of a spacesuit; a Ke$ha-themed pinball machine.

There don’t appear to be any little people, though there are a bunch of shirtless dancing dudes who look like Rick Rubin. If those things all sound like a good time, check out the video below:

(If the video doesn’t play because of embedding issues, check it out over at MTV.)

There’s no James Van Der Beek in this one, but it’s still a pretty awesome distillation of what goes on inside Ke$ha’s glitter-bombed brain. As she told MTV’s James Montgomery, her style comes at a price. “The hair took four hours to get braided,” she said. “I had to sleep in a do-rag. I’m just really proud of that hair.”

The clip was directed by Darren Craig (who also did Ke$ha’s “Die Young” video), and was inspired by a wild birthday party in a Los Angeles warehouse. “That particular birthday was really bad,” she said. “At 7 AM, I was jumping by myself on a mini-trampoline yelling ‘I’m having so much fun!’ For my birthday party I got a tattoo artist, and everybody who came got a tattoo to remember the night. I couldn’t think of what to get, so I got ‘Fun’ tattooed on my butt to remember the night.”


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