If you knew a tween in 2007, you knew about the Sprouse brothers. Twins Dylan and Cole starred in the popular Disney channel show The Suite Life of Zack & Cody from 2005-2008 as well as the spin-off The Suite Life on Deck from 2008-2011. And, according to a new interview with Dylan Sprouse, if the brothers had their way, the show would have lasted even longer — albeit in a different form.

On an Internet video series call Outtakes with Natalia, Sprouse discussed how he always felt the best years of the program were pre-on Deck, which most fans would likely agree with. He articulately explained that he and Cole originally wished to do one more season where they would be producers, and the program would be a set up for a new show (essentially like the upcoming Disney Boy Meets World reboot/spinoff). Their idea was to have Zack and Cody leave the boat (necessary!), get back to Boston and in their downtime between attending college (Cody) and working (Zach) they would meet and befriend a single dad with a young kid at the hotel. Zack and Cody “would kind of raise the boy up like a little brother, showing him all the crazy stuff in the hotel, leading him into wacky situations,” Sprouse said. At the end of this new final season, the kid could then kind of take over the show and get into his own mischief at the hotel while the Sprouse brothers left the program.

Sprouse explained how this idea would allow them to set up all “the cast and crew that we’ve worked with for six years with jobs so they wouldn’t lose their jobs in our decision [in real life] to go to college.” He said they took this idea to Disney, who passed (“they laughed in our faces”), but then countered by parroting the Sprouse brothers’ own idea back to them, except setting it in Miami and also Selena Gomez would be there, for no apparent reason. Rather than that, Sprouse said the brothers chose to walk away from the show, thereby ending it. (A rep for Disney declined to comment to EW.)

It isn’t often you get to hear a teen star talk about the behind-the-scenes dealings on their show, and even less often when it’s presented in such a straightforward manner. Watch the whole fascinating interview — first discovered on reddit — below. UPDATE: The video has since been made private.

While both guys say they want to continue to pursue acting as well as other projects, since 2011 the two are currently full-time students at New York University.

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