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It’s all Greek to Amazon — at least when it comes to the retail site’s first original series for adults.

The company announced today that it has chosen five of the 14 pilots it posted online in April to become full-blown series: Alpha House, a political comedy created by Doonesbury‘s Garry Trudeau that stars John Goodman (and features a cameo by Bill Murray); Betas, a Silicon Valley-set comedy starring Ed Begley Jr.; and Annebots, Creative Galaxy, and Tumbleaf, three series aimed at kids.

Each show proved popular with Amazon customers, whose feedback was taken into account during the selection process. Amazon says that full series of all five will air exclusively on Prime Instant Video late this year and in early 2014, though no specific premiere dates have been set yet.

Among the higher-profile Amazon pilots that didn’t make it to series are Onion News Empire, a Newsroom-esque parody from the minds behind America’s Finest News Source; Browsers, a musical series featuring Tony-winner Bebe Neuwirth; and Zombieland, an adaptation of the 2009 movie that was “successfully hated out of existence” by that film’s fans, according to franchise creator Rhette Reese.

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