By Clark Collis
May 29, 2013 at 07:37 PM EDT

Here at EW we have quite a soft spot for Internet comedy troupe 5-Second Films — partly because their daily sketches are often very funny and partly because, when they’re not, a least the clips have the decency to only waste five seconds of our lives. But now the 5sf peeps have decided to aim for the big time, in every sense, by launching a Kickstarter campaign to finance their debut movie, Dude Bro Party Massacre III. According the pitch video, DBPM3 is “a bloody tale about a bunch of bros who go to an abandoned sorority house by a lake, but then ‘Motherface’ starts picking them off one by one according to their fears: Heights, commitment, running out of beer, even puppies.”

“We were on CNN a while back and now TIME Magazine has named us one of the top 50 websites of 2013 so it’s a pretty perfect moment for us to drop our Kickstarter,” 5sf member Michael Rousselet tells EW. “It’s just funny to think of the little guys at 5sf doing a 5,400 second film!”

Those supporting the 5sf folks in their quest to raise $200,000 include Patton Oswalt, an occasional 5sf guest star who yesterday described the project on Twitter as “the most bugf—- movie I’ve ever heard of.” (Of course, that was before the news broke that Eric Roberts has been cast in Human Centipede 3.)

You can watch the (slightly gory, slightly foul-mouthed, and entirely, deliciously stupid) Dude Bro Party Massacre III funding clip below.

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