By Mandi Bierly
Updated May 28, 2013 at 04:45 PM EDT

Fast and Furious 6

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Spoiler alert! If you haven’t seen Fast & Furious 6, stop reading now.

Serious question: Has any comedy has ever made you laugh as loud as Fast & Furious 6 did when Dom (Vin Diesel) performed the ridiculous, romantic midair rescue of Letty (Michelle Rodriguez)? “How did you know there’d be a car there to break our fall?” she asks, once they’ve safely landed. 1. That was her only question? 2. Since when is a hard car a soft landing? 3. Who cares? IT. WAS. AWESOME.

As Paul Walker’s Brian says earlier in the film, what Dom’s team does best is improvise. And what action-movie fans do best is suspend disbelief — particularly for moments that are just that unapologetically cool and crazy. Our question to you: What other action-movie moments have made you howl with their balls-to-the-wall implausibility and awesomeness? A few to get you thinking:

• Our resident Fast & Furious expert Darren Franich: “The last couple of Fast movies have excelled at this kind of thing, and it all started with the very first scene of Fast Five. Vin Diesel is on a prison bus, and Paul Walker is going to rescue him. You’re primed for some kind of elaborate bit of vehicular heisting. Instead, Walker drives in front of the bus, slams on the brakes…and the bus FLIES up off of his car and rolls a couple dozen times. Cut to Black. And then the title, accompanied by what sounds like cannon fire: FAST FIVE. I remember the whole theater breaking up into simultaneous laughing AND cheering. (Cheerfing?) At this point, pretty much every action-movie sequel tries to kick off with a big crazy opening action scene, but I think it’s tough to beat that two-minute sequence for pure thrilling straight-to-the-motherf—-ing-point insanity.”

• Samantha Highfill: “The bus jump from Speed. If awesomeness and bad acting could have launched a bus through the air, this scene would’ve made sense, but it can’t, and therefore, this scene was the definition of ludicrous…but also awesome.”

• Emily Rome: “The A-Team — when they’re flying the tank.”

Your turn. Go!

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Fast and Furious 6

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