This season on A&E’s Longmire, which returns tonight at 10 p.m. ET, we’ll dive more into the private life of Deputy Vic Moretti (Katee Sackhoff) and her struggles with her husband (Michael Mosley) and her feelings for Sheriff Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor). Don’t ask Sackhoff, a veteran of the Battlestar Galactica shipper wars, which way she wants Vic to go in the end. “I always wanted Starbuck to end up with Anders [Michael Trucco], and I think I probably pushed it that direction, so there’s some fans that, like, hate me because they were like, ‘No, Apollo! We love Apollo!’ So dare I say,” Sackhoff explains. “But I think it would be really funny, at this point, to have to do a sex scene with Robert because I know his wife and his kid, and he knows my fiancé [film producer Scott Niemeyer]. It always gets more awkward the more you know someone. Like toward the end of [Battlestar] when I was doing scenes with Michael Trucco, and then I’d go out with his wife or something, she’d be like, ‘How is it making out with my husband all day?’ I’m like, ‘It’s so good. Thanks. Would you like to call Scott? I mean, if you really want to. It’s only fair.'”

Below, Sackhoff takes the EW Pop Culture Personality Test. If you can’t guess from that anecdote above, it’s one of our best yet.

Bonus question!

When do you yell at the TV?

This is the first year that I watched The Bachelor, and I don’t know why. I think I watched it because I’m renting this house in Santa Fe [where Longmire shoots], and they had The Bachelor recorded on the DVR. So I watched the entire season, and I kept screaming at these stupid bitches. Like, “You are all insane! It’s impossible to love a man who you’ve seen on TV!” I couldn’t wrap my brain around it. I mean, I’m sure they’re all very nice girls in real life. Please don’t yell at my on Twitter or something. But, like, it’s so hard for me to see women fight with other women. We’re supposed to support each other and be nice. It’s shocking to me, fighting over a guy. Does he have a job? Like a real job? My mom always said, “Marry someone smarter than yourself, Katee, because No. 1, you’re not that smart. And No. 2, then you’ll have smart babies.” Does he have a job? I don’t know. That should’ve been the first question they asked.

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