Entertainment Weekly‘s annual Summer Must List issue hits stands today, and readers eagerly awaiting the July 16 return of USA’s Suits will be happy to see the legal drama makes the cut. On May 15, we sat down with stars Gabriel Macht, 41, and Patrick J. Adams, 31, and asked what tops their lists. Their banter — which gets particularly enjoyable when the subject turns to their different tastes in music — may just tide fans over.

Entertainment Weekly: So what’s on your Summer Must List?

Patrick J. Adams: [Shouts] The Daft Punk album! I can’t stop listening to that.

Gabriel Macht: Season 1 of The Wire.

Adams: [Laughs] This is Gabriel’s Summer Must List from 10 years ago.

Most of the time, when you ask people what show they need to marathon, they say The Wire.

Adams: That’s not really a summer show. That’s like a sad winter show.

Macht: I’m watching it on weekends when I’m traveling, on my flights. I don’t have time to watch television, that’s the problem.

What TV are you watching, Patrick?

Adams: I’m still doin’ Mad Men. Game of Thrones, I live and breathe for.

Do you yell at the TV during Game of Thrones?

Adams: Yeah. Or, you know, I’ll cry maybe, a little, or something.

When have you cried this season?

Adams: Listen, when Robb Stark’s wife said she was having a baby, that was a good scene.

Are you being serious?

Adams: Totally.

Robb Stark is my favorite.

Adams: And you weren’t moved?

I was, but I didn’t cry.

Macht: [Laughs] Wussy.

Adams: [To EW] Did you just call me a pussy?


Macht: I called you a wussy.

Adams: EW is on the record calling me a pussy. No, but I’m deep with that show. Although I’m a little frustrated by this season, but we won’t get into that.

Have you talked to Conleth Hill [who plays GoT‘s Varys, and will guest star as Darby again this season on Suits] about it?

Adams: Conleth is so funny to talk to about it. To us, it’s this epic land where all these people are. As a piecemeal, none of them have that much to do over the course of a season, so they all shoot for, like, three weeks, and then go away. One-by-one you meet the people, and they’re just like, “Yeah, I do that, but I do all this other stuff, too.” And they’re British, so they’re just so easygoing. Americans and Canadians [points to himself], we get very excited about these things and we want to know about them. But for Conleth, it’s like, “Game of Thrones? Oh, yes, I did that once.”

His character is keeping a guy in a box!

Adams: Right?! That scene might have been a yell-at-the-TV-moment. Khaleesi’s dragon, when they’re burning [Astapor] — yeah, that might have been screaming at the TV…. I’m really enjoying Veep this season.

Macht: I want to see Family Tree, because I’m a massive Christopher Guest fan.

Adams: You better start watching it. They were bad [premiere] numbers.

Macht: [Upset] Really?

Adams: Well, you gotta watch it.

Macht: I don’t have HBO.

Let’s talk movies.

Macht: Must sees… I think Man of Steel, you gotta see that. I want to see Star Trek.

Adams: Trek, I’m excited for. Classic Quinto. I went to Iron Man the other day. Meghan [Markle, who plays Rachel on Suits] fell asleep during it. At one point, I turned toward Meghan to be like, “Ah, that’s pretty cool,” and she’s like, “Huh?” She’d been asleep for, like, half an hour.

I saw it in 3-D, and was disappointed with that.

Macht: I want to see Gatsby.

Adams: I think I’ll see that in 3-D. That feels like maybe worth the 3-D.

Even just for the party scenes. Dance movies are actually a great use of 3-D, like Step Up 3D.

Adams: Okay, now you’ve revealed something, which is that you went to see Step Up 3D. Now we’re all even.

Macht: I auditioned for Step Up 3. I had four callbacks.

Adams: He’s kidding.

Macht: I would like to do a dance movie.


Adams: This guy [points to Macht], great dancer. Three years in, I’m still learning stuff about him.

What kind of dancing are we talking about?

Adams: Whatever you need.

Macht: Freestyle jammin’. [Both laugh]

Adams: “Just freestyle jammin’. Whatever, man.” [To Macht] You excited for that Phish show this summer?

Macht: Oh, that’s a must see.

Adams: [Points to Macht] Huge Phish fan. Birkenstocks. [Whispers to EW] Birkenstocks. How many Phish shows have you seen, Gabriel?

Macht: I’ve seen 25 Phish shows. I’ve seen 20-30 Dead shows.

Adams: Phish is coming to Toronto [where Suits films] this summer.

Macht: I know. I want to see them.

Adams: We were gonna go, actually. We’ve talked about this, maybe doing it together.

Macht: [To Adams] If I had the opportunity to see Macklemore, should I go see Macklemore?

Adams: The rapper?

Macht: Yeah.

Adams: Sure.

Macht: Is he a must see?

Adams: He’s got a hit song. [Both laugh]

What band have you seen the most times in concert, Patrick?

Adams: I saw a lot of LCD Soundsystem. I saw a few Arcade Fire shows. Radiohead, I saw four or five times.

Macht: Is Roger Waters’ The Wall still on tour? Because that is must see.

Adams: [To EW] How old is this guy?

Macht: Oh my god.

Adams: [In old man voice] “Is Pink Floyd still…”

Macht: Oh my god. I went and saw Sade, and he laughed in my face.

Adams: Because he comes to set, and I was like, “What did you do this weekend?” “Went to a Sade show.”

Macht: I went with my wife [actress Jacinda Barrett]! We had a nice time at a Sade show! He was like [Guffaws] “How old are you?”

Adams: No.

Macht: Yes.

Adams: That’s not what it was. I think that it’s great that you went to a Sade show. It was just the last thing I would have expected any human being to say, especially you… This is what I love about you, Gabriel, you’re constantly surprising me… and America.

Macht: God. [Both laugh] You and America? I’m surprising America?

Adams: Every day.

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