Orphan Black is flying a little bit under the radar over on BBC America — but it might be in your best interest to catch up before the last two episodes of this sci-fi nail-biter’s freshman season. Why? Because stuff’s about to go down…

In this exclusive sneak peek at the penultimate episode, airing Saturday at 9 p.m., we pick up moments after last week’s episode, which saw Kira getting hit by a car. Naturally, mom Sarah (recent Critics’ Choice nominee Tatiana Meslany) is freaking out and feeling quite a bit of guilt about the whole situation.

If the description for the episode is to be believed, however, Sarah’s sadness will soon be replaced with a big appetite for revenge. (“Sarah is on the warpath,” it reads)

Click below to watch the video:

Orphan Black‘s season finale airs June 1, and its second season will air sometime in 2014.