We look over the revolving door of actors in ''Jane Got a Gun''

By Josh Rottenberg
May 24, 2013 at 04:00 AM EDT

Describing the tough road the Natalie Portman indie Western Jane Got a Gun has faced, producer Scott Steindorff uses a fittingly Western analogy: ”We got bucked off the horse a few times.” Director Lynne Ramsay left in March, just before shooting began, and a few actors came and went. They’re now filming in New Mexico with Gavin O’Connor at the helm, and Steindorff believes the movie — which he calls ”Unforgiven with a woman” — is “going to surprise a lot of people.” A look at the bumpy backstory.


March 11: Michael Fassbender

News breaks that the actor — cast in the role of Portman’s ex-lover, who heroically battles a gang of outlaws — has dropped out.

March 11: Joel Edgerton

The Aussie actor was initially cast as the movie’s villain, but he shifts over to the good-guy role when Fassbender departs.

March 20: Jude Law

Law had signed on to replace Edgerton in the vacated villain role. But on March 20, press reports claim that he’s following Ramsay out the door. (Still with us?)

May 1: Bradley Cooper

Set to replace Law, Cooper drops out of the project, citing a scheduling conflict with his work on director David O. Russell’s next movie, American Hustle.

May 10: Ewan McGregor

Just days after Cooper’s exit made headlines, McGregor rides in on a white horse to play the movie’s bad guy. ”He’s brought a lot of enthusiasm,” says Steindorff.