You talked, we listened

By EW Staff
May 24, 2013 at 04:00 AM EDT

Baby, You Can Crash My Car

Great cover story on the Fast & Furious franchise. Director Justin Lin has successfully tapped into why many of us go to the movies: to be entertained. I’m a single, 35-year-old female, and Fast Five was the most fun I’d had at the movies in years. Can’t wait until May 24. —HAILEY ANDRESEN Huntersville, N.C.

Fans Forever

It is unfathomable that no Judy Blume book has ever made it to the big screen until now. Her novels spoke to my generation (I’m sure we all remember the blushing embarrassment of buying Forever at the bookstore!), and now my son and daughter have embraced them with gusto. Thank you, Ms. Blume, for helping us all grow up and feel like no matter what, we were going to be okay. —LISA MAIR Naples, Fla.

Must-Flee TV

Mark Harris should add Revolution to his list of shows that qualify as ”Disappointment TV” (The Final Cut). The premise and story lines are so good, but I can never tell if the action and acting are trying to be campy or not. And I don’t think that’s a good thing. —JESSICA RICHARDS Orlando

Although I concur with Mark Harris that parts of Smash were disappointing, I prefer to let this terrific show quietly pass on while remembering how it gave us over a dozen musical numbers finer than most of the forgettable bombast passing for Broadway scores today. So as the series makes way for the next NCIS: Kalamazoo, I have to hope that someone someday will have the courage to take similar risks with a TV show, even if they didn’t pay off for Smash. —JOE SADOWSKI Minneapolis

Dumb Like a Fox

”Summer’s Guilty Pleasures” was missing the truTV show World’s Dumbest. I think when people see Tonya Harding and Todd Bridges as commentators, they may not give it a chance. But the stand-up comedians and comedy writers who’ve dominated the show for the past few years are very clever. They make me laugh out loud at the fools attempting dangerous stunts, robbing convenience stores, or doing ridiculous infomercials.—DANA BLOCK Charlotte, N.C.

Gimme Mo

In his Q&A (Books), Jim Gaffigan says there’s ”no Homeland in children’s books.” Please tell him to read Mo Willems — his books will engage adults and kids alike. —CINDY YEAGER Lakeside Park, Ky.


Liz Heldens is an executive producer and co-creator of NBC’s upcoming dramedy Camp (First Look).


I am a devotee of EW and I get a print subscription in the mail. For the past several months I have also been getting EW on my tablet. I thought I’d never get used to it, much less like it. But now I prefer EW on the tablet. I love all the extras and the ability to see movie trailers. I also like the links where you can purchase the books; I’ve bought a few already. I still like getting the physical copy in my hands, but more often than not, I read most of it on the tablet. Love your magazine!!!! —JAIME HENDRICKSON, Baltimore

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A Voice Chair Swivels Again…

In cycles 5 and 6, the coaches’ panel will get all shook up: Returnee Christina Aguilera will step in for Shakira in the fall, and Shaki will bump Xtina next spring. Readers pick their favorite blond powerhouse.

TEAM Christina

I like Shakira on The Voice, but her critiques on the live shows have been pretty weak so far. It’s like she sometimes doesn’t want to give honest feedback to the contestants, which is something that Christina has always been able to do very well. —RosserX

TEAM Shakira

I’m enjoying Shakira as a coach and sort of don’t want Christina to come back. Shakira has been super-positive, and her general demeanor is just so much more open than Christina’s. I found at times last season that Christina looked like she was phoning it in. —carls