The ''Angry Birds'' movie, that topless painting of Bea Arthur, and more
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? As homage to Edward Scissorhands, scientist names ancient lobsterlike creature after Johnny Depp ”Beaten to the punch again,” grumbled a rival ornithologist, crossing ”Jack Sparrow” off the list of names for his latest discovery. (Botanists are still going ahead with the ”Gilbert Grape” fruit.)

? Ex–Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman, who played with band at 50th-anniversary gigs last year, says he will ”never again” jam with them The Stones said they’re giving him his space, but will reapproach him just before the 75th-anniversary tour.

? ACLU launches initiative advocating Cam-Mitch wedding on Modern Family And for straight dudes, it’s starting a ”Free Gloria’s Bra!” campaign.

? Sony to unveil Angry Birds film…in July 2016 Seeing a big window of opportunity, Fox quickly moved up the release date of its Snood movie to winter 2015.

? Painting of topless Bea Arthur sells for $1.9 million Now, Betty, don’t get any crazy ideas! And hey! Hey! Cloris! Stop unbuttoning! You had nothing to do with that show!

? Northlake, Ill., library trying to raise $30,000 to buy nine-foot statue of the Hulk Meanwhile, the local comic-book store isn’t having much luck with its Kickstarter campaign for a series of limited-edition Saul Bellow action figures.

? Jewelry worth $1 million stolen at Cannes Film Festival after screening of Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring You’ll never believe who the police sent to investigate after the premiere of Johnnie To’s Blind Detective.

? Rod Stewart says steroid use to treat vocal cords reduced size of his manhood Da ya think I’m shrinking?

? TNT developing Monopoly reality competition in which teams play game of ”real-world” Monopoly The first 15 minutes of the show will just be everyone arguing over who gets to be the race car.

Edward Scissorhands
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