The boys of ''Baby Daddy'' reveal the shows they love (and sometimes loathe) to watch together.




Theler We have people over every Sunday for viewing parties, and rule number one is you cannot watch it unless you’re completely caught up, so Jean-Luc’s kind of been in the doghouse lately.

Bilodeau I like the gritty, realistic battle scenes. There’s a lot of naked people, and that’s cool too.


(Animal Planet)

Theler I’m an Animal Planet/Discovery Channel guy. I like to learn as much as I can about biology and the world we live in.

Bilodeau That’s when I take a break and go on Facebook or something. I don’t usually stick around for River Monsters.



Theler It’s an obstacle course built to destroy a human being. There’s no way to get through it without getting creamed, so it’s pretty hilarious to watch. All the boys from Baby Daddy have been trying to do the course somehow. That’s a big-time goal of ours — we want to see who’s the best.

Bilodeau I don’t know if [our producers] are down for it because we might get injured. They probably don’t want to put their three main male actors on Wipeout and have us break our legs before we go back to work.



Bilodeau That’s guilty pleasure number one right there. It’s such a well-edited show.

Theler He likes to watch people fall in love.

Bilodeau You know what? As cheesy as the premise is, these people are genuinely falling in love. They’re crazy, but at least it’s genuine. I enjoy it. And Derek does too. Don’t let Derek try and tell you he doesn’t — he definitely loves that show.

Theler I wouldn’t say I love it, but I’ve seen enough to know exactly what he’s talking about.

Bilodeau Let’s put it this way: I’m not the one who added it to the DVR.