By Erin Strecker
May 24, 2013 at 11:00 PM EDT
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We’re less than 48 away from BRAND NEW ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT EPISODES! They’re here! It’s really happening! So what better way to kick off your Memorial Day weekend than by re-watching some of the best episodes of the first three seasons? (Who needs the beach?)

This post isn’t intended for newbies — if you’ve never spent any time with the Bluth gang, you should definitely start at the very beginning and watch straight through. Instead, if you’re a banana stand regular who hasn’t dropped by the model home recently, read on for the best episodes to re-watch to get ready for Sunday. Note: I’m not saying these are the absolute best episodes of the series; rather, these are a few of the ones that introduced main recurring jokes/plot that might resurface come season 4. Come on!

1.) “Bringing Up Buster” Season 1, episode 3

The third episode set up a lot of plotlines that formed the backbone of the show: Buster’s total reliance on outside help, Tobias’ dreams of becoming an actor (but not yet a Blue Man), and the introduction of Maeby’s crush on STEVE HOLT!, much to George Michael’s disappointment.

2.) “Missing Kitty” Season 1, episode 18

Reacquaint yourself with Judy Greer’s Kitty Sanchez, one of fans favorite guest stars, who — according to the new trailer — will definitely be returning…and is clearly just as crazy as ever.

3.) “Out on a Limb” Season 2, episode 11

Buster loses his hand when a loose seal bites it off — he’s a MONSTER!

4.) “Meat the Veals” Season 2, episode 16

Her? The mocking of George Michael’s sometimes-girlfriend Ann Veal was one of the show’s best recurring jokes. Watch this episode to remind yourself of all the ways George Michael’s family drove home how unamused they are by her. It didn’t happen in this episode, but never forget: They once left her in Mexico!

5.) “Development Arrested” Season 3, episode 13 

The third-season finale may have shown that George Sr. wasn’t guilty of “light treason,” but trouble always follows the Bluth family. Viewers learn that the real mastermind was Lucille all along, thanks to a tip-off by Annyong (Annyong!). George Michael discovers Ann has been sleeping with Gob on his yacht, and with that final revelation, George Michael and Michael decide to ditch the family and sail off into the sunset. Or something. Also, the seed for an Arrested Development movie is officially planted via Maeby. Taste the happy!

Warning: Watching any of these may pull you back in and you might wind up accidentally re-watching the whole series to get a glimpse of Lucille 2, Gene Parmesan or Carl Weathers.

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