Vince Vaughn, 43, and Owen Wilson, 44, are teaming up again — this time as Google gofers in The Internship. We asked the pals to spill the secret to their enduring big-screen chemistry.

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You guys aren’t a traditional comedy team where one’s the straight man and the other is wild and crazy. Why do you think you click as a duo?

WILSON It just seems like if the movie does well, then you have great chemistry. [Laughs] I couldn’t say exactly why we work together, other than that we’re good at making each other laugh. It’s just lucky.

VAUGHN The thing that’s always been fun for me is that Owen likes to compete like I do. We could play backgammon or Ping-Pong or a game of HORSE and you would think it was game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals. There’s that thing like with brothers where we’re familiar enough with each other that there’s a real joy in pissing the other guy off or one-upping him — in a fun way.

After the success of Wedding Crashers, you must have been offered other projects to do together. Was there nothing that appealed to you until now?

WILSON I think it would have been fun to do a Crashers sequel, but it never really came together. Then, yeah, there were other vague pitches, like “It’s you two guys as cops!” [Laughs]

VAUGHN We wanted to find something fresh and interesting. We didn’t want to jump in just to jump in. So when this idea [for The Internship] came into my mind, I thought it would be a really fun way for me and Owen to get back together again, because it’s a different approach from Crashers, a different tone.

So what sort of buddy comedy can you imagine doing after The Internship? If not cops, maybe firefighters?

VAUGHN That sounds promising! Backdraft meets The King of Comedy — let me write this one down. [Mock-seriously] “Damn it, don’t tell me that dog behind that door isn’t worth it. That’s a lot more than just a dog to Bobby out there. Now get the hell out of my way!” And then joke-joke-joke-joke.

WILSON And at some point both of us have half our hair singed off from a fire. [Laughs] We’ve got it! It writes itself!

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