By Lindsey Bahr
Updated May 22, 2013 at 12:00 PM EDT
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Universal Pictures announced Wednesday that it plans to reboot the time travel action movie Timecop in a partnership with production company Global Produce.

Based on Mark Verheiden’s Dark Horse Comics title Time Cop, the original film imagined a world where time travel would be possible and where police regulate its usage. Peter Hyams’ 1994 film starred Jean-Claude Van Damme as an officer who tries to go back in time to save his wife from being killed — and stymie the endemic corruption that has emerged as a result of time-travel technology.

The original film was one of 1994’s top R-rated hits, and even inspired a short-lived hour-long ABC series that aired in 1997. This update will reportedly “re-imagine” the idea of Timecop. Even though it’s somewhat impossible to think of Timecop without Jean-Claude Van Damme’s brutish accented whisper, feeding us lines like “I think you plan too far ahead,” die-hard fans may be disappointed to hear that he will not be involved in the reboot. There is no director or writing team attached to the project yet.

THR first reported the news.

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