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Swapping the sunshine of California for the humidity of Florida, the Dunphy-Pritchett clan gathered down South for Phil’s mother’s funeral. What ensued was a lot of exaggerated stereotypes, even more sweating, and a few tender moments.

Jay spent the episode reconnecting with the woman who swiped his V card back in the days before Vietnam (who happened to live next door to Phil’s dad), while Cam met up with the elderly ladies of book club, where he perfected his gossiping skills. Meanwhile, Phil tried to honor his mother’s last wish by setting his father (played by Fred Willard) up with a nice lady down the street before the casserole-cooking younger ladies swooped in to replace his drapes and take his money. That plot eventually led to a sweet moment for Phil, but it never fully developed into anything. Speaking of, why didn’t we get to see more Fred Willard? The guy is a comedic gem.

In my favorite storyline of the episode, Gloria was a wanted woman in the state of Florida. Wanted for what, you ask? Co-conspiring to run a prostitution ring, obviously. You see, she had moved to California before “Quick and Easy” opened, but her name was still technically on the lease, which meant she had to brave the ultra-sweaty — think A Time To Kill — Southern courthouse to face her charges. Luckily, she had Mitchell, and Mitchell had his terry cloth suit. The courtroom scenes were fun, but once again, cut short. I’m thinking there were too many stories at play in this episode.

In the end, the family attended the funeral, Alex set off some fireworks, and Manny and Luke aged approximately 70 years. Welcome to Florida, boys. The home of old people, sweaty people, and not a whole lot of comedy. The cliffhanger of the season: Mitchell wants to quit his job and get back into the courtroom. However, based on the fact that we never really see him at work, does that count as a cliffhanger?

What did you all think of the finale? Was there too much going on, or did you enjoy your stay in The Sunshine State?

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