By Erin Strecker
May 22, 2013 at 06:46 PM EDT
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It’s the final countdown, and if you’re anything like me, your Memorial Day weekend plans involve just one question: Stay up until 3:01 am ET to watch the episodes the second they become available, or sleep soundly and awake well rested later that morning ready to watch 7.5 straight hours of Netflix? To be clear, there is no third option.

Since you’ve already re-watched the first 53 episodes recently (RIGHT?), you might be wondering what else you can do to get ready for the fourth season. Happily, the Internet has got you covered. Ever since the show went off the air the cult following has only gotten bigger. And with no new episodes to obsess over, some dedicated wannabe-Bluths have chronicled every banana, law blog and song (Call Me, Maeby?). Netflix itself even got in on the meme fun in the lead-up to new episodes: After first checking out Tobias’ ManGo juice ad, head on over to InsertMeAnywhere to stick him wherever you want. (I really should look into a tape recorder.)

Check out some of my favorite Arrested Development Internetland fun below, and then please add your picks!

1.) Easily one of the most involved projects is the recently-launched Recurring Developments, which allows fans to see which episodes each recurring joke (Hey Brother!, Her?) appeared in. Perfect if you need to know — quickly — all the times “Steve Holt!” is shouted.

2.) It’s surprisingly denim-cutoff-free, but Etsy has got plenty of original Arrested Development clothes perfect for binge-watching. I’ll be the lady wearing the Chicken Dance shirt. Now if only I could get some hot ham water.

3.) The best of Tumblr: For all your Bluth Gif-giving needs fans need to check out the Tumblrs for TheBluths and It’sArrestedDevelopment. An Egg Anne insult for every occasion!

4.) Did YOU know there was a ton of Arrested Development fanfiction? “Bluthcest” is perfect if Les Cousins Dangeroux just wasn’t enough for you.

5.) The jury is not still out on science memes. Putting Arrested Development quotes on top of unrelated but perfectly accurate images is one of the Internet’s favorite pastimes. Some highlights: Arrested Decision, Arrested Downton, and Arrested Misérables.

What are some of your favorite Arrested sites on the Internet?

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