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Steamy fanfiction on the Internet is certainly nothing new. (I’m looking at you, Mulder/Scully X-Files fans!) So I’ve come to expect that there are literally thousands of Vampire Diaries or Twilight stories floating around that would make me blush. But a smart, cult comedy aimed at adults that went off the air years ago and — save for some kissing cousins — had very little romance? Color me blue surprised.

There are so many ways to express your Arrested Development love: A Gif, a Tumblr, a Tweet. But apparently some wordsmiths decided the best way was to coin the term “Bluthcest,” which is exactly what you think it is. Some of it is clearly tongue-in-cheek; some of it, not so much. This is the story of a wealthy family, with characters that no one could get enough of, stuck in plots that would never air on Fox, and the one writer who had no choice but to dive in.

Pairing: George Michael/Maeby

Listed Plot: “Every year, on their anniversary and her birthday, Maeby received a present from her still missing husband.”

Opening Sentence: “Maeby Funke was honestly surprised when, almost an entire year after George Michael disappeared with his father, leaving her behind with the rest of their messed up family, a present turned up for her on her doorstep on what could technically be considered their anniversary.”

My Reaction: I’m hoping those two crazy kids wind up at college together in the new season as much as the next person, but I’ve never put their love story quite on the level of Jack and Rose.

Pairing: Michael/Gob

Listed Plot: “Just what the title says. Contains Bluthcest Michael/Gob.”

Opening Sentence: “Michael was in the middle of a meeting with some very important clients.”

My Reaction: There is actually a lot of Michael/Gob romance stuff on the Internet (and a lot of it is pretty explicit). Perhaps this photo provided some inspiration?

Pairing: Gob/Lindsay

Listed Plot: “Michael is suspicious when GOB and Lindsay start getting along.”

Opening Sentence: “Michael sits in the kitchen of the model home, casually flipping through a magazine he came across about ten minutes ago.”

My Reaction: Stay for the Franklin appearance! Franklin has to sing a new song for the fourth season, right?

Pairing: Buster is Gob’s assistant, but it isn’t romantic.

Listed Plot: “Gob is invited to perform his magic act for a very special audience — actual witches and wizards. As usual, things don’t quite go according to plan. Harry Potter crossover with a few Hellsing elements as well.”

Opening Sentence: “It was a beautiful morning at Hogwarts.”

My Reaction: Full disclosure: I’m in, and not just for all the Illusion references.

Pairing: Leslie Knope/Michael Bluth

Listed Plot: “Michael Bluth wanted a new life. Leslie Knope wanted a new job. This is a love story about two workaholics. Set post-series for AD, pre-series for Parks.”

Opening Sentence: “What Michael Bluth wants is a brand new life.”

My Reaction: But what about Ben Wyatt?

+100 for creativity. Keep on keeping on, Internet. And get your keyboards ready for new inspiration on May 26.

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