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Updated May 21, 2013 at 12:00 PM EDT
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SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read on unless you want to know what happened in tonight’s Grimm finale.

Grimm‘s first season closed with Juliette in a coma, and in tonight’s season 2 finale, it was Nick’s turn to be in a rather inert state at the hands of a Wesen.

When Baron Samedi unleashes his collection of zombified victims onto Nick and Co. at the container yard, Nick gets separated from the others, which turns out to be just what Eric Renard wants. The Baron spits his infectious green slime in Nick’s face, and next thing we know, Nick is catatonic in a coffin-like metal container bound for “a long flight” with the Royal.

The episode’s ominous title, “Goodnight, Sweet Grimm,” and opening title card — echoed later by Eric — nodded to the moment of Hamlet’s death in Shakespeare’s famous play. But thanks to Rosalee’s earlier resourcefulness, we know Nick isn’t exactly dead. He just appears to be dead. So what we need to be worried about isn’t an untimely demise but what kind of monstrous state Nick will be in when he wakes up, and where he’ll be when he does wake. The Royals finally have the Portland Grimm in their clutches — is their plan to use him while he’s in this Baron Samedi-induced trance, when he’s forced to do their bidding? And what is that bidding — “increasingly violent behavior, leading to murder and mayhem,” as Rosalee described stage four of this trance?

Hopefully that doesn’t mean Nick will have his own bout of memory loss when he inevitably is cured from the trance. The tow truck driver Rosalee treats has a very foggy memory of what he had done since the Baron infected him. Just think of the drama that would come with our honorable detective being forced to do horrible things by the Royals, and then, once cured, having to grapple with those dark deeds.

Now, all this zombifying of Portlanders seems like a lot of trouble to go through to capture Nick. Does Eric have something else up his sleeve, another purpose for hiring Baron Samedi to unleash mayhem onto Portland? Not so much, say the show’s executive producers. “It was all to get Nick,” David Greenwalt explained. “He was trying to distract the Captain and everybody else so people wouldn’t figure out what’s really going on here.” So, yes, it was a lot of trouble to go through to snatch a Grimm, but a lot of fatal trouble seems to be Eric’s style — remember how gleeful he was at the sight of the Baron’s green spit demonstration on his servant of seven years?

Nick’s capture happens just after things are starting to go well for him and Juliette again. This couple can’t catch a break. But it also happens shortly after Juliette — now in the loop on the world of Wesen and Grimms — has declared she’s “not staying home alone anymore.” She’s determined to be part of the show’s Scooby Gang. How will that shake things up for Nick and Juliette’s relationship? We don’t see much of how Nick reacts to this. While Rosalee’s making a case for how Juliette’s vet skills can help, there’s one pained look on his face that may be a glimpse of his reluctance to let his girlfriend join his dangerous world.

What did you think of the season 2 finale, Grimm fans? What do you think will become of Nick? Did you like the new developments for Juliette’s character? Were you surprised when it turned out Frau Pech hadn’t managed to trick Shohreh Aghdashloo’s gypsy queen? Who’s ready to see Adalind get her powers back? Will the Captain find the offer to join the Royal family in Europe too enticing to pass up? And what would you like to see in season 3?

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