All season long, Criminal Minds has been teasing the arrival of The Replicator, and this Wednesday on the two-hour season finale, we’ll finally be able to put a face to the name. But first, the Hotchner brothers are going to find themselves dealing with a tricky situation.

As you can see in this exclusive preview from the episode, Hotchner is called away from a seemingly lovely reunion with Beth (guest star Bellamy Young of Scandal) after receiving an urgent call from his younger brother, Sean, who may have gotten himself mixed up in a crime. (Per the episode description, Sean’s predicament will likely tie into a string of ecstasy-related deaths.)

Watch that below:

Elsewhere, a member of the team is going to find themselves in the crosshairs of The Replicator, the villain the show has been teasing throughout its eighth season. “It’s interesting because they’ve never really had an enemy quite like this one who really wants to make a point to all of them. Attacking one of them is attacking all and it [feels] like he really declares war,” teases executive producer Erica Messer. “At the beginning of 24, he throws down the gauntlet, and it’s all hands on deck.”

The culmination of this storyline will, adds Messer, have a lasting impact as the show heads into its ninth season. “I’ve never seen this team work this way together before — having Jeanne Tripplehorn join in and all of them feel like a family fighting for their survival — and I really love that. I feel like this case and this season long story will actually bring out team closer together.”

Criminal Minds season finale airs tomorrow at 9 p.m. ET.


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