By Samantha Highfill
May 20, 2013 at 06:06 PM EDT
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With the news that The Voice judges will continue rotating come next fall and spring, we already asked you how you felt about the blond bombshells who will share the designated “female” spot amongst the coaches. But now it’s time to compare the two men who will be swapping out places on the panel, CeeLo and Usher (Blake and Adam have become somewhat permanent adornments). Is CeeLo too friendly? Is Usher too cool? We weigh in on the debate with our analysis, and then you get to tell us which superstar you prefer, the one with mono-colored outfits or the one who always wears red shoes:

Team CeeLo

Pros: CeeLo’s positive attitude is always a breath of fresh air. You get the feeling that he’s just happy to be there. Plus, he really invests himself in his contestants (proven by his latest duet with Juliet Simms), not to mention the fact that he’s willing to take a chance on otherwise unlikely singers. His love of diversity has given us some of our favorite voices thus far (I’m looking at you, Nicholas David).

Cons: CeeLo has a habit of talking his way around giving an actual critique, and at times, it can be challenging to decipher what exactly he’s trying to say. It’s also rare that we see him get riled up over something. We love to see these coaches duke it out. Put your fists up, CeeLo!

Team Usher

Pros: As soon as Usher put down his cool-guy facade this season, we got to see the adorable, charming guy underneath. And as a result, he now has great chemistry with the other judges, and he seems to enjoy a little (but not too much) bickering. His unpredictable coaching methods definitely keep things interesting. Plus, it’s always fun to watch him dance.

Cons: Some of his choices in terms of singers feel very predictable given his style, and so far, his song choices could use some work. Then there’s always the fact that his competitive spirit can sometimes make him less fun to watch when critiquing other team’s contestants.

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