By Sarah Caldwell
Updated May 20, 2013 at 01:00 PM EDT
Arrested Development Trailer
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This week you’re probably re-watching all the seasons of Arrested Development to get excited for Sunday, obsessively checking the weather to make sure you can BBQ this weekend, or trying on those white jeans again and feeling over the moon ecstatic that you get to wear them again. Here are your pop culture musts to get you through the week before your long Memorial Day weekend.


The Goodwin Games, series premiere, 8:30 p.m., Fox

Becki Newton consistently made us laugh on Ugly Betty, but her new show may end up like her short-lived summer rom-com series Love Bites if you don’t watch. It’s from the How I Met Your Mother guys, has comedy duo BriTANicK as staff writers, and T.J. Miller is more lovable than you can handle in the pilot (it’s been online this week). Plus, maybe it will fill the Ben and Kate hole in your heart (and TV schedule).


Grimm, season finale, 10:01 p.m., NBC

Find out if Nick can save the day! Our What to Watch spoiler says the royals’ agenda involves macramé. Take that as you will.


Modern Family, season finale, 9 p.m., ABC

Phil’s mother dies and the family travels to Florida to try to fulfill her last request (getting her husband a date with a special neighbor). Mitchell defends Gloria in court after she’s accused of being involved with a prostitution ring.


Random Access Memories by Daft Punk

You’ve probably already been streaming it, but now it’s time to wub-wub-wub the night away. What you have work tomorrow? Oh ok, well just until 11 then.


Fast & Furious 6 released

We wrote a cover story on it, now it’s your chance to see the planes, tanks, and automobiles in action. Pay attention to every time the guys defy the laws of gravity.


The Hangover Part III

It’s a box office showdown this weekend, only one will win, but you don’t have to decide! Has someone written fan fiction for this series yet with just the stuff that Doug does when these guys aren’t around?


Arrested Development, all day

If you wait more than a day, everyone will spoil it for you. Just watch it. All of it. As soon as you can.


Arrested Development

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