By Erin Strecker
May 20, 2013 at 08:25 PM EDT

The Internet is everywhere and Patton Oswalt can’t do anything to escape it.

In a new promo for the Webby Awards, host Oswalt starts seeing things through meme-ready Internet eyes, with real-life cats becoming LOLCats, people posing with built-in Instagram filters and catchphrases of YouTube stars past (“Is this real life?”) all invading his thoughts. “You saps! The Internet is taking over and you can’t even see it,” Oswalt declares. Then “Gangnam Style” starts playing and things really take a turn for the weird. Will Oswalt be able to fend off the zombie Internet robots or will he become one himself? Twist: What if he already is one?! Stay tuned.

The Webby Awards, celebrating the best of the web, will be available to stream on May 22. You can check out the full list of winners, and watch the Funny or Die trailer below:

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