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Ever since Shakira was first announced as Christina’s replacement, fans of the blond vocalists have been participating in a battle round of their own. And now that we know that both Christina and Shakira will return to their red swivel chairs within the next year, fans are more polarized than ever. While both are undoubtedly superstars, as coaches, they both have their pros and cons. Is Christina too mean? Is Shakira too nice? We’ve heard it all before. Now, we weigh in with our analysis, and you get to tell us which bombshell you prefer:

Team Christina

Pros: Nobody is questioning Christina’s vocal ability. The woman is the definition of a powerhouse, and she clearly knows what she likes in a contestant. She also has a lot to teach. She always gives really constructive criticism, and when it comes time for the coaches to perform with one another, their contestants, etc., we relish the chance to hear her sing live. Also, we love her crazy hats.

Cons: Christina does, at times, cause tension amongst the judges, and sometimes, she can come off as someone who doesn’t really want to be there. Also, we don’t love her fans (not the people, her actual fans).

Team Shakira

Pros: Shakira is intelligent, kind, and spunky, and that comes across in her interactions with the other judges. She’s witty, she knows how to laugh at herself, and the judges’ panel does seem more light-hearted with her in tow. Her passion flows out of her. You can tell how much she is invested in this process.

Cons: Now that the live shows have rolled around, Shakira’s fire is turning into more of a simmer. It feels like she doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, and instead of giving constructive criticism to contestants, she prefers to talk to them about their looks, their performance, how good they are as a person, etc. It’s great to have a heart of gold, but it’s not doing the contestants any good.

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