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May 17, 2013 at 10:04 PM EDT

When readers first met young Peter Parker, back in 1962 on the opening page of Amazing Fantasy No. 15, he’s wearing spectacles, carrying schoolbooks and listening too hard to the latest insult.

It’s a little different when readers are greeted by young Jasper Jenkins — the title character of Joe Casey’s The Bounce — in our exclusive preview of the first issue. Instead of eyeglasses, he’s got glassy eyes and the object in his hand looks suspiciously like a three-foot bong. He’s also ignoring the latest lecture. “With great power comes great responsibility” still applies — but in the case of this 21st century slacker soul, it may also be accompanied by metahuman munchies.

NOTE: The preview pages below contain R-rated language and drug use.

No one who knows the comics work of Joe Casey (once called the most dangerous man in comics) will be surprised by the edges in Bounce, which is published by Image Comics, already home to Casey’s ongoing series SexCasey’s creative audacity isn’t easy to put in a box, however — during his tenure as the writer of Adventures of Superman for DC — he re-framed the hero as a caped pacifist and, for a year, the Man of Steel didn’t throw a single punch in the book. Casey is also a partner in Man of Action, the creative collective behind the animation success of Ben 10 and Marvel shows on Disney XD. We caught up with Casey to talk about Bounce, Sex and off-the-wall superheroes.

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