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Last night’s wild season 2 finale of Scandal featured a number of shocking revelations and a big moment for our girl Quinn. We caught up with Scandal creator and showrunner Shonda Rhimes after an Academy of Television Arts and Sciences cast reading of the finale to ask her a few questions. Be warned, though, if you haven’t seen the season finale of Scandal, there are only spoilers below.

“We call it the “I’m Quinn, bi-ch” moment,” said Rhimes of the scene where Quinn jams that drill into Billy Chambers’ chest as the blood splatters all over her face. “I love that moment,” she added with a smile.

“From the beginning, she’d been this very sweet girl who’d had this thing happen to her. She came into Olivia Pope and Associates very unaware. But she’s sort of been taken under Huck’s wing and turned into this person who is very different. And there’s a dark side to her that is wonderful,” said Rhimes of Quinn’s evolution.

Of course Quinn is not an island, and at least one other Gladiator is taking note. Earlier in the episode, Huck expressed some concerns to Olivia about Quinn’s newfound talents only to discover that his fears were warranted. “It’s kind of scary to Huck,” said Rhimes. “I think what Huck sees in her is somebody who is going to enjoy wrapping people in plastic. A lot.” But, she says, Huck isn’t solely to blame, even though he might be taking her transformation very personally. Rhimes said that Quinn went “over the cliff” with the rest of the Gladiators.

“It’s so disturbing, right? But so, so fun,” said Katie Lowes, the actress who plays Quinn. “It’s also what comes around. Billy Chambers is the dude who stuck his scissors in my ex-boyfriend’s neck. Like whatever! I get to do whatever I want,” she said with a laugh. Don’t worry, this won’t be the last we see of Quinn’s moment. Though Rhimes is tight-lipped about any specific plans, she teased: “There’s this great world there for next season that we’re excited to explore.”

The shocking reveal that Rowan (Joe Morton) was Olivia’s dad, is another story. “It wasn’t just a cliffhanger. We knew that when we were headed towards this back-nine we had to figure out what the end was going to be,” said Rhimes. “I wanted to platform a moment where you really begin to understand who Olivia was and why she is the way she is.” Actor Joe Morton knew all along.”That’s why I took the job,” he said.

Olivia, we often forget, is still mostly a mystery, and Rhimes and her writers are very aware of that fact. “There’s a lot of talk in the room about why Olivia has such man issues. She makes very, very, very bad choices,” said Rhimes. “Part of bringing [Rowan] on was to open up her world a little bit, but it also revealed another piece of Olivia’s past.”

The only remaining question is whether or not we can all tolerate the wait for season 3 to find out.

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