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May 17, 2013 at 10:11 PM EDT
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At the beginning of season 2 of Fox’s New Girl, costume designer Deb McGuire told EW that Jess (Zooey Deschanel) would be dressing sexier, thanks in part to her blossoming relationship with Nick (Jake Johnson).

While we did see a few hemlines rise — and a couple of necklines plunge — McGuire stuck to the mix of vintage finds, pieces from preppy brands like J. Crew and Kate Spade, and over-the-top costumes that are the hallmark of Jess’s adorkable signature style.

Follow along as we count down Jess’ top five style moments from season 2.

Jennifer Clasen/Fox

5. Absolute Jess

The leading lady modeled her girl-next-door style in a mint green dress by Jessica Simpson and a cardigan from Kate Spade, a look McGuire told was a “double scoop of homemade Jess.”

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4. Sex Kitten

The Erin Fetherston lace dress Jess wore to a model party was quite sexy… for her. “It was a moment where Jess needed to be really dressy, and the dress was more sophisticated,” explained McGuire. “The script called for an ’80s look, so we used the cobalt shoes and vintage necklace.”

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3. Maid of Honor

Jess ended season two on a sartorial high note, wearing a traditional sari to CeCe’s traditional Indian wedding. “She stands out because nobody else at the wedding is wearing pastels,” McGuire said of the look, a striking — and refreshing — departure from the character’s usual retro style.

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2. Prom Queen

When Jess relived a prom night plan gone horribly awry, the awkward moment was made even more poignant by her disaster of a dress, which McGuire described as “Snow White on acid.”

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1. Elvis Impersonator

Elvis entered the building when Jess helped Nick honor his father with a themed funeral. Although Jess’ rendition of  “In The Ghetto” left much to be desired, her Elvis get-up inspired one of the funniest scenes of the season.

What was your favorite fashion moment from season 2 of New Girl? Tell us in the comments section below.

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