May 17, 2013 at 06:00 PM EDT

It’s done. Or at least, it will be.

Ant-Man is definitely happening, at long last…

Once director and co-writer Edgar Wright wraps this summer’s apocalyptic pub-crawl comedy The World’s End (out Aug. 23), he will begin work in earnest on bringing Marvel’s teeny-tiny ass-kicker to the big screen.

Wright has already crafted a short film as test footage for the movie, which showed at Comic-Con last July and at Entertainment Weekly’s recent Cape Town Film Festival. Next year, he’ll shoot the feature-length version. For those who have been waiting, it can’t come soon enough.

“We started working with Edgar on that movie right in the dawn of us becoming our own studio,” Feige says. “It goes back so long you maybe even remember our 2006 appearance at Comic-Con. Edgar was on that panel talking about Ant-Man. And it had been a few years [of planning] at that point.”

For the uninitiated, Ant-Man is about a hero with a suit that allows him to miniaturize at will and communicate with insects and other small-but-dangerous creatures. The character is one of the reasons Marvel decided to stop licensing its comics to other studios (e.g. Spider-Man, X-Men, and Fantastic 4) and start making their own films.

Feige said he sat in on too many pitch meetings where confused people scrunched their faces and asked if this was about a guy who was half-ant and half-man. “Do you know why we became our own studio?” he said. “Because those are the conversations we used to have with studio execs. And they were very frustrating.”

Wright has had the green light to make it for several years, but he’s the one who has been vexing fans by postponing it.

“I actually made the choice to make Scott Pilgrim and The World’s End before this one,” Wright told EW. “And Ant-Man is such a big special-effects film, it’s almost like the further it goes on, the easier it is to do, in a way. I feel more confident now, but I can’t talk about it too much because I get superstitious. I just feel like I don’t want to jinx it.”

But there’s no jinxing it this time. Although they haven’t cast the lead role yet, the project is now the only definite part of Marvel’s Phase Three. “I’ve learned a lot in the last five years, and now I’m ready to do something big and crazy,” Wright says. “Or, I should say, small.”


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