Dont Trust The B

Don’t Trust the B—- may be cancelled, but there’s never-before-seen episodes that are now available online. ABC has put eight unaired episodes onto

One of the epiosdes, which was originally planned to run as the show’s second season finale before ABC axed the comedy, is a flashback episode chronicling Chloe’s bitch-origin story. Titled “Original Bitch,” the episode goes back 10 years ago to when Chloe (Krysten Ritter) first moved into Apt. 23 and met a roommate named Trish, who took “Chloe under her wing and [taught] her everything she knew about bitch-itude.” Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver!) guest stars.

Though Ritter’s pilot Assistance wasn’t picked up, James Van Der Beek’s new project Friends With Better Lives is expected to air midesason on CBS.