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May 16, 2013 at 12:00 PM EDT
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Spoiler alert! If you haven’t watched The Vampire Diaries season finale, stop reading now. UPDATE: Our full recap is now live. But here’s a quickie.

The cure: It went to unwilling recipient Katherine. Elena shoved it in her mouth right as Katherine was about to rip Elena’s heart out at the end of their epic brawl in the school hallway. We’d thought Stefan had the cure: Elena had given it to him, after Damon gave it to her. But then flashback to Stefan returning it to Elena because everything he’d done this season was to get it for her. Truth: The Katherine twist was a surprise, but also a bit of a letdown. I’d wanted it to go to Stefan. But Paul Wesley got a consolation prize…

Silas’ true face: As Stefan was about to bury Silas in the quarry, he realized the body was missing. Silas appeared as Elena and explained that the spell that had turned him into stone was broken when the witch (Bonnie) who bound it died. And then the big reveal: Silas created the immortality spell 2,000 years ago. He could never die, so nature needed to find a balance — a version of him that could be killed. A shadow self. A doppelgänger. Stefan thought he was looking at Silas’ real face, and that explained the Petrova doppelgänger. “Not exactly,” Silas said. The reflection in the car window: STEFAN. “Hello, my shadow self,” he said to Stefan. Then he staked him in the stomach, asked him if he knew what it was like to starve for 2,000 years, put him in the large safe, and pushed it into the quarry. So not only was Stefan buried alive, the safe filled up with water as it sank. BRUTAL. Everyone will just think Stefan has left town. So will Silas pose as Stefan now in Mystic Falls, or will he go off to do whatever in another city? Does this mean everything Silas said about wanting to die and be with his one true love was a lie? Couldn’t he have done this to Stefan a lot sooner? Theories? Regardless, Wesley should have fun next season.

Elena’s choice: She truly loves Damon. We learned the sire bond hadn’t returned when Elena refused to take the cure even though Damon insisted. The Hunters had threatened to kill people if they didn’t get it to use on Silas, so Elena didn’t want to be the cause of more death. She, however, wanted Damon to take it when she saw that Vaughn had shot him with a werewolf venom-laced bullet borrowed from Connor. Damon wouldn’t do it. He doesn’t want to be human. In the end, Damon told Elena that he wouldn’t apologize for that, or all the reasons he’s wrong for her — and Elena told him that she wouldn’t apologize for being in love with him, which she knows will prove to be the worst decision she’s made. They kissed, and then we cut to Stefan with tears in his eyes. He’d been elsewhere in the house, eavesdropping. Thanks for being there for him, Lexi.

Bonnie is dead but… JEREMY LIVES: I’ve already established that I’m fine with Bonnie exiting the show, though now we could see her again since it turns out her spell had saved Jeremy, so he’s alive again and can see ghosts. I’ll be happy to see Jeremy’s biceps this fall, I’m sure, but this felt like a bit of a cheat (even if the resurrection reveal when the veil went back up was cool). Bonnie made Jeremy promise not to tell anyone she was dead and instead say she was spending the summer with her mother, so Caroline and Elena could be happy for a moment. I understand her motivation, but it’s just going to hurt more when they find out the truth.

Rebekah gets a (temporary) happy ending: While standing on an Alexander-rigged bomb, Matt agreed to travel the world with Rebekah, who refused to leave him. The kiss she gave him so she could step on the block and take his place must have been good, because afterward, Matt told Rebekah they were still on for their date. Slight caveat: He essentially said their relationship would go nowhere, but they could have a great summer since he has no future plans. After having almost killed him a year ago, she owed it to him to show him how to live. Good for them. Have fun!

Klaus wins!: I’m guessing the only thing all fans will agree on is that Klaus’ return was awesome. Caroline had been phoning him begging him to come to Mystic Falls to cure Damon, and he finally showed up at graduation — to save Caroline from the ghost of the lead witch she’d killed to save Bonnie. He decapitated her with a flying graduation cap. Turns out, Caroline had mailed him an announcement, hoping for a present, so he was already on his way to town. And he gave her a gift: Tyler is free to come back to Mystic Falls. But the line of the episode: “He’s your first love. I intend to be your last. However long it takes,” Klaus said. SWOON. That’s the perfect way to send him off to The Originals.

Which twists are you happy with? Sound off below. Again, a full recap is in the works.

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