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If you thought last week’s episode of Arrow was the finale, you weren’t the only one.

“I have been on Twitter trying to explain that wasn’t our finale,” says star Stephen Amell, who stopped by EW earlier today. The confusion is understandable. The penultimate episode of the series had all the makings—deaths! reveals! exits!—of a great season ender, but Amell promises tonight’s episode (CW, 8PM) will be even bigger.

Still not convinced? Consider this tease: “I start the episode chained to the ceiling and fighting bad guys and that’s one of the calmer moments during the finale,” says Amell.

Amell says the “non-stop” episode will deliver on the season’s two biggest storylines—Malcolm’s plan to destroy the Glades and Fyer’s plan to take-down a commercial airliner on the island.

“We don’t promise anything and then not pay it off,” says Amell, who hints that we’ll see destruction in both instances. “Whether or not those plans come to fruition or not, you find out.” More scoops below:

Deaths: You may still be recovering from Yao Fei’s surprise offing, but prepare to say goodbye to more characters tonight. As Amell simply puts it: “Not everyone survives the finale.” Adds the actor a bit more cryptically: ” If a father’s dying wish was the impetus for Oliver in season one, then the events that take place in the finale are the impetus for season two.”

Oliver as Arrow: We saw Oliver consider giving up the Hood in last week’s episode, but will he really do it? “The reason that he is the vigilante at the moment does not survive past the finale,” explains Amell. “If he’s going to go back to it in the second season it’s going to have to be for different reasons.”

Oliver/Laurel: “They’re always going to be incredibly important to each other,” says Amell, who explains that we’ll get to see Oliver confess his feelings again to Laurel in the early moments of the episode. Of course, that’s not to say they’re necessarily the end-game. “Whether our characters will ever get a chance to be together and live happily ever after I don’t know.”

Oliver/Felicity: Sorry Ollicity fans, Amell says that though Oliver and Felicity’s relationship will evolve, he doesn’t yet know if it will veer toward romance. He did however reveal that Felicity will become an equal member of the team. “There is less of a hierarchy now,” says Amell, who teases that we’ll get to see Oliver, Diggle and Felicity team up again in the finale. “I’m learning to trust them more.”

Roy as a sidekick: Fans have long speculated that Roy might become Arrow’s sidekick, but Amell says the the wanna-be-Hood needs some more experience to qualify for the gig. “It took Oliver five years to turn into what is not even the completed version of Arrow,” says Amell, who adds that Roy and Thea will be “off doing their own thing” in the episode. “If Roy is going to become a member of the team he’s going to have to go through something too.” Any guesses?

Will Merlyn destroy the Glades? Will Tommy turn to the dark side? Will Oliver and Laurel actually be a thing? Who’s going to die?! Discuss below and then head back to after the episode airs tonight for the recap.

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