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James Franco wrote a piece for Vice where he discussed some of his impressions of Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby. Franco, unlike a lot of critics, liked the music.

He wrote, “The jazz music of the 20s was raw and dangerous, but if Luhrmann had used that music today, it would have been a museum piece—irrelevant to mainstream and high culture alike, because they would’ve already known what’s coming.” He thought the 3D was fine. He thought Luhrmann succeeded at “breath[ing] life into the ephemera and aura of the 20s.” Sadly, there is no talk of wanting to “make love” to Leo’s performance like he wrote about Ryan Gosling’s acting in The Place Beyond the Pines.

Overall, it’s a straightforward piece with some valid arguments– you can read it here— but if you just came for a crazy Franco quote, here is one particularly (and purposefully) silly bit for you:

At one point he also asks, “Would anyone object to a production of Hamlet in outer space?” to all those Gatsby-purists. Well if everyone loved it when they did it with lions, maybe an outer space production would work.

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