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Warning: Do not read this post unless you’ve watched tonight’s two-hour season finale “Truth.” Your Revenge-capper Tara Fowler is hard at work on her recap (UPDATE: Click for Tara’s full Revenge season finale recap), but until then if you need to sound off on tonight’s finale, here’s your place!

Here’s the gist of what went down: Patrick, Victoria’s son, has come to see his mother (although we don’t see his face). Nolan was arrested for terrorism and might take the fall for the Carrion blackout as we see Padma incriminating him in a tape as a disciple of David Clarke. Conrad was revealed to be the biggest of bads, part of all the Initiative’s evil deeds this season (Whatever, they did exist, even if Conrad says they weren’t as big of a thing as everyone made them out to be). Also, now he’s Governor. Finally, I’m sure most of you saw it coming, but following a ruptured artery, Declan is Revenge‘s second big victim this season (third if you count Takeda, I guess). Man has it been a rough year for the Porter family.

Every time a person said a line that sounded like a goodbye, I got nervous and for a second I for sure thought Jack was a goner. But it was his brother who happened to be caught in the explosion at Grayson Global. Lets all remember that this is the second show this week to have a storyline rely on manipulating people’s phones so that everyone gets a mass text. The Declan death with obviously have a big impact on Charlotte, carrying his child, but I couldn’t help but hope that Conrad would be saying goodbye to the show for good as well.

But, just as Jack went to avenge his brother’s death by killing Grayson as he gave his victory speech, Emily stopped him from ruining his life. Seriously, how did he get a gun into that room? Just before the credits rolled she revealed the truth. He might have known it all along deep down, but now someone else knows that Emily is actually Amanda Clarke.

The show just got picked up for a third season, so where do we think it is headed after tonight’s finale? Conrad has always been the big bad, but as Madeleine Stowe’s Victoria has built layers of sadness and complexity (seriously, how good was she in the scene when Conrad told her he was in the inner circle of the “Initiative”!), he has grown more and more cruel and calculating. So maybe next season will end in his death. Maybe Victoria and Emily will have to team up in their plot against him. Maybe Jack and Emily can be together in secret.

What did everyone think of the finale? Was everyone satisfied after hearing rumors of a big death, or were we all hoping for Grayson to go down? Is everyone excited about the big Amanda Clarke reveal? What do we think is going to happen to Aiden? (P.S. we don’t think Daniel did anything to Aiden right? I mean, we obviously saw them fight, but it seemed like they lingered on the blood on Daniel’s cuff like it was something we didn’t already know.)

Check back later or our full recap, but for now let me know all your thoughts below!

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